With a background in Industrial Design Georgie Cummings draws on the careful design process of creating for everyday life. Designed and crafted individually by hand each piece has a strong sense of quality achieved through careful selection of materials and techniques to ensure an item that fits your needs.

Australian vegetable tanned Kangaroo leather is used for the natural beauty in the grain of each hide. Being native wild animals it is not only a more sustainable choice but also out performs many other leathers in terms of strength to weight ratio. Additionally the leather has individual texture and feel as the tanning process allows pieces to age and evolve with personal use.

Hand stitching each piece with waxed linen thread compliments the appearance and properties not only of the kangaroo leather, but also the design principles instilled in Georgie Cummings pieces. Far superior to machine stitching, the technique of saddle stitching is a tried practice of making a hole in the leather which two needles pass through to cross and lock together. Therefore, if one stitch fails the rest are held in place. This technique also allows for repair, enforcing the belief that well designed objects can be used and cherished for many years.

In addition to the leather and stitching technique other materials are selected for their quality, ability to withstand and age through use as well as respect sustainable practices. Solid brass pieces are used where possible for the balance of weight and quality and the ability to patina over time - a feature which will make each pieces truly yours. High quality canvas, linens and cottons as well as enriching pieces with ceramic and wood accents, compliment the palette of minimal design.